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1st of January 1970 By k18evn - 18th of July 2015

It was an entertaining night at Lochgelly Raceway where the ProStocks took centre stage as they battled it out for their Scottish Championship.

The grid was pulled from a hat and it was Ricky White that drew the favourible pole position with Ian Walle alongside him on the front row. Pre race favourite Tam Melrose started from around row 4 with Grady Ross just behind him.

As the green flag dropped, the 20+ cars flew into action, with the bumpers going in almost immediately and the numbers dropped off quickly! Billy Wilson managed to roll on the home straight before driving away before the yellow flags had a chance to come out, whilst Brian Keir was being pushed down the opposite straight sideways! A sticken car on the race control corner brought out a yellow flag. It was Tam Melrose though that had managed to stay out of trouble in the early stages, and was suddenly out in front of the chasing pack. Jordan Cassie and Abe Adams followed Tam home in the Scottish Champisonship race, in which was one of the livliest races I've seen for quite a while in the formula.

The following races were just as lively, with plenty of contact and strong fields of cars battling hard to get to the front - Although nobody was able to catch blue graded driver Drew Webster in the two heats.

The 1300 stock cars were in great form again with battles throughout the field - The Mathieson brothers and Kai McNulty had a few run ins; Darren Rae and Kevin Morrison also had a bit of a pushing match in the final, whilst Jazz Moore made an entry into the formula and hit every car on track apart from the pace car I think! David Auld took a rare double which will see him elevated to blue grade with immediate effect. Well done David, it's been a long time coming!

The Ninja Karts had good numbers in attendance too; with some lesser known drivers taking a few race wins amongst themselves in the process which can only bode well for their confidence. Josh Bruce took a brace of race wins whilst Lucy Millar also took a race win, whilst Declan Honeyman returned to form to take another race win. It was a night to forget for Charlie Hardie however, with luck not on his side and ending up on the infield in all bar one of his races!

The 2.0 Hot Rods were back out with us and provided some good close racing despite only beind 10 cars in attendance.

Billy Wilson goes for a roll in the ProStock Scottish

Josh Bruce took the chequer on two occasions

Close Racing in the 2.0 Hot Rods

ProStock Scottish Grid
1st of January 1970 By k18evn - 11th of July 2015

It was a night that you never quite knew what to expect - Half of Scotland was in Skegness watching the UK Speedweekend, the other half was probably at T in the Park.

Scheduling Caravan bangers for this meeting was a risk with support formula always going to be somewhat down on numbers given what is on elsewhere.

That said, the 16 Superstox and the returning Chris Miller put on a good show with some good racing throughout. White grade driver Marc Spence was looking good in all races but ran out of laps as the star drivers made up ground in the latter stages of the races. David Frame was again in great form, whilst Lee Livingston seemed to enjoy the greasy surface after a few showers.

The Stock Rods had some close racing - Paul Barron taking the opening heat of the night, with Mouzer and Siobhan Martin taking the following races. Siobhan had a great battle with Darren McAlpine in the final as the pair raced side by side over the closing stages with Siobhan trying all lines to find a way past the McAlpine car.

Lewis Gilchrist was in great form in the Ministox, taking a double heat win before Arran Chidwick took the meeting final.

The ProStocks were short on numbers, and probably didn't have enough to make it a lively event. Billy Wilson had a shot in a car with James Bratchies number on the side of it. Brian Keir took a final win after Shane Ramsay won the earlier heats.

The main event was the Caravan Banger Demolition Derby though, and with around 12 caravans in attendance it was always going to be a messy event.

Daz Linton went for a flight through a few caravans, whist James Dillon was hitting everything in site after the Coalpower cars were eliminated from contention.

A great event and something to look forward to in 2016 again!

Another win for the in-form David Frame

3 abreast action in the Ministox

Close racing in the Stock Rods

Caravan Chaos!
1st of January 1970 By k18evn - 21st of June 2015

It was the final meeting of the first half of the season at Lochgelly Raceway and it wasn't short if incidents.

The Stock Rods may have only had 13 cars in attendance but the racing was close with the faster drivers having a proper battle for the lead, racing around the outside of some of the lower graded drivers. Such close racing resulted in the pack closing up and going to the outside may have cost you positions if you didn't make it stick! Latta took the victory after Paul Barron was docked for not holding a line
Doug McLean looked to be set for heat 2 victory but for being removed from the race for overtaking the pace car. Chris Lattka took the race victory after a bold move around the outside of Ryan Peat on the last lap which seen a dash for the line with the cars seperated by millimetres..
The meeting final of the night seen a similar sort of race, with the likes of Lattka, McLean and Sneddon all racing closely as they tried to overcome Ryan Peat and Paul Barron - Doug McLean had a battle with Barron for 2nd place whilst Peat raced away; Lattka caught onto them both and managed to get a break and chased after the Peat machine before McLean finally managed to overtake the Barron car and crossed the line in 3rd place behind Sneddon and Lattka before being docked for contact.

The 1300 Stock Cars were a bit down on numbers on recent meetings but there were still 20+ cars in attendance. The opening race of the night seen Zak Gilmour loaded up after attacking the 407 driver in the Jason Secker car, after Zak felt that he was turned the wrong way on the first lap.
Throughout the evening the bumpers were going in hard, with the 2nd heat seeing a bit of a duel between Kevin Morrison and Darren Rae, with Morrison first going for the Rae car and following him round the wall for nearly a lap before Rae got behind and put Morrison into the wall before pushing him across the track and being collected by the oncoming Dean McGill car.
The meeting final was another hard race, and in particular for Dylan Izatt who was on the receiving end of a Kai McNulty hit, with Dylan sticking hard into the wall and going up onto two wheels.
Callum Barclay won all three races, but he was made to wait until the last corner in the final after Dean McGill went in too hard, giving Barclay an open track to take the flag.

The CC Rods put on some good racing, with Jack Robertson running away with a couple of wins from white roof, whilst Johnny Bell, Stuart Aitken, Paul Muir and Ian Taylor battled throughout the meeting with a few knocks and rubs along the way!

Roberston took heat 1 and the final, whilst Taylor took heat 2 victory.

The Ninja Karts were there ever entertaining selves, with flat out karts, bouncing around the track!

Katie Armit came good, taking 2 race wins whilst Scott Allardyce and Mitch Gold also took race wins.

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Katie Armit goes for a gap between two karts

Heat and Final winner Jack Robertson

A photo finish in the stock rods

Dean McGill trying some stunt driving!

Dylan Izatt digs into the wall with a bang
1st of January 1970 By - 21st of April 2015

Well, what a weekend that was!

The first speedweekend of the 2015 season went as well as anyone could have anticipated, great weather (at least in Scottish terms), great racing, and a great number of spectators – Infact, the most there has ever been at Lochgelly Raceway.

The weekend was started off by a grand parade for all drivers across all formula – something that was well received by the welcoming crowd, and gives every driver a spot of appreciation, whether they are novices are multi-champions.

The National Hot Rods started off the weekend with three mixed heats – One race for each driver near the front, near the back and around the middle of the pack. The opening race seen Robert McDonald break away from the pack to take heat one from Derek Martin and Jason Kew – A great start for Scotland’s hopeful contender! Heat two seen the grid mixed up a bit from the opener, with Robert McDonald coming home further down the grid, whilst, Jason Kew came home in fourth position; David Casey took the heat victory from ‘Rookie’ Adam Hylands and former European Champion Shane Murphy. Heat three seen the grid mixed up some more – This time it was Kym Weaver that came out on top followed by Stuart Doak and Shane Murphy, with Adam Hylands fifth. So the points from the heats were calculated and the grid was confirmed – Rookie driver Adam Hylands had scored enough points to take pole position in the European Championship, with David Casey starting alongside him on the front row, Robert McDonald would be inside row 2 and Shane Murphy outside row 2.

As the two pace cars led the cars around, the atmosphere within Lochgelly Raceway intensified, the crowd gathered, the engines revved and all eyes were focused on Mr Starter. GO GO GO, the green was thrown, the lights switched green and Hylands got the jump and into the first corner in first place with David Casey coming in behind in 2nd. A few laps had gone and Robert McDonald had got up the inside of Casey with Casey getting stuck on the outside as the rest of the pack came through too. Hylands had opened up a gap from McDonald and the rest of the chasing pack led by Jason Kew, as the laps passed, McDonald reeled in Hylands and had a go around the outside over the course of 6/7 laps before the rest of the pack closed in on the squabbling leaders. Kew managed to close right onto the back bumper of the Hylands car leaving McDonald stuck on the outside; there was a bit of contact between Kew and McDonald, with McDonald going sideways forcing the pack to slow and Hylands to pull away again. McDonald dropped back a bit being stuck on the outside before retiring to the infield. There would be no catching the 54 machine as he raced to his first ever title in National Hot Rods, with Jason Kew crossing the line in 2nd before being docked for contact. Andrew Murray was promoted into second place and Stuart Doak into third as a result of the dockings. An intense race was complete and everyone was able to breathe again! The Rookie National Hot Rod driver had gate crashed the party and came away with the honours! Adam will be looking for the same result come 2.0 Hot Rod World Final time, later this year at Lochgelly Raceway!

The Superstox seen the British Championship grid drawn out of a hat and it was Dale Fewings and Kyle Beattie drawing the front row of the grid and come the end of lap one, it was Barry Stephen who was in front, with no fewer than 5 cars in the wall on the outside of turn 1. A few laps went by and World Champion Steven Jackson had got to the front of the grid with Dale Fewings sitting 2nd and Barry Stephen in 3rd position with F2 star Chris Bradbury not far behind before a yellow flag was brought out for a carb fire on the Neil Davison car. As the race restarted the bumpers yet again flew in, but Jackson had got away, Stephen pushing Fewings wide and allowing Bradbury to close right up onto his back bumper, by the time the next lap came around Bradbury had moved into 2nd place after pushing Scottish superstar Barry Stephen wide only for Barry to return the hit the following lap, with a great deal of force resulting in both cars clattering the wall, with Bradbury coming off worse and needing some medical attention. Thankfully Chris was ok after a bit of a check-up. Stephen had dropped back the grid after the hit with 3 or 4 cars managing to pass him in the process. As the yellows came back out, Jackson led the way with Tony Lattka and David Frame ahead of Barry Stephen now. As the green flag dropped Jackson got the jump and avoided the train of cars coming into turn 1 behind him – Barry Stephen, Bryan Forrest, Kyle Beattie and Ben Marjoram all pushing Tony Lattka wide, Forrest spun with Beattie collecting him, Marjoram and Barry Stephen and Tony Lattka escaping with Barry Stephen back into 2nd place and Marjoram into 3rd. Lattka made an effort and briefly passed the Marjoram car before losing out again before the race settled down; Marjoram later dropped out of the race and Jason Cooper had gained grown and was now into 3rd position, chasing down and catching Barry Stephen. With the laps dwindling down, Cooper bided his time and went for a last lap hit on Stephen, but Stephen seen it coming and rode it well, holding onto 2nd position ahead of Jason Cooper. Jackson took the chequer, Stephen second and Cooper coming home in third. The following heat races seen the non qualifiers take to the grid as well to bolster the field further. The first heat was won by Steven Jackson after coming from the back of the grid in expert style ahead of Marjoram, Cooper and Dino Bruce. Heat 2 seen Jason Cooper come out on top after Jackson was spun out early on by Ulsterman Neil Davison. Bryan Forrest came home in 2nd place, with Chris Roots 3rd, ahead of Scottish drivers Kenny McKenzie and Paul Dunn.

Superstox British Championship Trophies

The first corner of the Superstox British Championship gained some casualties

Chris Bradbury was on the receiving end of a Barry Stephen hit

National Hot Rods Ready To Grid ahead of the European Championship

Adam Hylands took the NHR European Championship
1st of January 1970 By - 28th of March 2015

So the racewall put on some show for us tonight! Four formulas, Brisca F2's, ORCi Stock Rods, National Saloons and ORCi Mini's.

First race was the F2 W&Y, only 4 cars, with 192 retiring early, Colin Thomson took advantage, and won.

Out came the Stock rods for their first heat. So close wheel to wheel action, with some bumps and bangs too! Winner was #41.

F2 came back out, with all cars, however, a huge pileup caused many cars to retire - only 4 remained. The steward decided to postpone the race, allow some drivers to repair their damages, for example Colin Thomson bravely returned, with half of his Aerofoil off. Winner was the world champion, George Macmillan Jnr.

Next was the Saloons, and in all honesty Wasnt the most exciting race, Graeme Shevill got through the field very quickly, only to be challenged by Barry Russell. Graeme won, however was DQ'd for jumping the start, gifting the win to Russell.

The Ministox were filled with action, not all for the good however. Kier Millar showed good pace, until his race can to an end with a big collision with the wall. Charlie Folan was keeping up with Euan Millar and Steven Burgoyne, but he was to enter the wall facing the wrong way, backwards, smashing the back of his car. He was in a great deal of pain after, later to be taken to hospital, have a speedy recovery Charlie, we hope to see you back out soon. Steven Burgoyne won.

The finals were all good, fast racing, just what spectators want to see.

The stock rods came out, and again provided good racing, it was fought right until the end between 272 and 172, with 172 just coming out on top.

The F2's didn't cause so much mayhem this time, but good racing instead, Chris Burgoyne , got through the Reds early, leaving him some space to have a run at Marc Fortune who had slightly jumped the start. The two got through the field, leading from Craig Wallace and George Macmillan. However, Fortune was docked for his jump start, then disqualified for leaving the track dangerously. This promoted Burgoyne to win, followed by Wallace and Macmillan.

Saloons were back for the final, and shevil had learnt his lesson, taking the final win from Russell, in a close race between the two. Some red graders fought amongst themselves however didnt close the gap between the leading two.

Euan millar won the Ministox final, over Steven Burgoyne, the 3rd place going to John Crawford 121 a driver who has come on leaps and bounds this season, constantly finishing highly.

Well that's my meeting report, thanks for reading!
My man of the night was 600 Barry Russell In the saloons with 2 wins and a second!

George Macmillans car in the pits!

The big pileup in F2 heat 1!
1st of January 1970 By k18evn - 1st of March 2015

Two words that describe the opening meeting of the 2015 season - Sodden and Success.

The weather was sodden all night with mother nature pounding us all night with wind and rain. Multiple layers of clothing weren't enough to keep the rain out!

Despite the weather, the racing was great from start to finish with lots of new drivers showing a lot of potential and some hugely improved performances from some drivers.

Keir Millar now in Ministox after competing in Ninja Karts previously had a good first meeting and scored a good number of points from the white grade, whilst the likes of Lewis Gilchrist showed some good promise and appeared to get quicker as the meeting went on.

Meanwhile, John Crawford in his second season in the formula made huge steps forward, securing a heat and final double win after Tommy Aylward took the opening heat.

The Stock Rods seen around 16 cars in attendance - Not bad for the opening meeting of the season I'd say. Siobhan Martin was showing off the silver roof for the first time, whilst Jonathon Lattka made a return to racing. It was good to see the likes of John Venters make a return as well, whilst Paul Barron made his proper debut in the formula.

It wasn't too a bad debut neither from Paul - He took the opening heat victory and scored good positions in the remaining races. Siobhan Martin won the 2nd heat after overcoming Chris Lattka in the closing stages as Chris got caught in traffic. Chris and Jonathon Lattka made the most of the meeting final though after Siobhan Martin ran into trouble. Chris and Jonathon exchanged places with each other on several occasions - Great racing between the brothers as Jonathon managed to overcome Chris to take the runners up spot in the meeting final behind runaway leader Shug McLean.

The Superstox had a lively first meeting - Stuart Gilchrist and Colin Aylward having a bit of a ding dong battle in the opening heats before Stuart was removed from the final after his wheel guard came loose. It was Barry Stephen who made the most of the pair battling it out as he took a hat trick of wins - His first in the formula I think?

The 2.0 Hot Rods had around 20 cars in action with a couple of visitors from NI and a couple from England too. It was the Northern Irishman Adam Hylands though that dominated proceedings in the wet taking a double heat win before Robbie Burgoyne took the meeting final after Adam Hylands was caught in a crash with Chris Crane.

The 1300 Stock Cars started the day with around 30 cars on track - and the racing was lively from start to finish. Kevin Bruce and Allen Bruce were out in Nissan Micras and both had them going very well. Kevin almost sneaking a race win as well before being overcome in the closing stages. Callum Barclay looked quickest from red. Zak Gilmour racing from blue in the heats took both of the wins before making it a hat trick - from red - in the meeting final. Not a bad start to the season from the 122 machine.

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Arran Chidwick Testing Out The Puddle!

Steven Ballentine on the receiving end of a push from Chopper and Gilky

Newcomer John Clark ends up on top of Bryan Forrest

John Crawford on his way to victory in one of the mini races

Zak Gilmour trying out the shorter root in the 1300s