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Extra Sponsoship - 12th of October 2017

Scottish Stock Cars will be adding a little extra to the headline formulas at the HRP speed weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

For the Micro Bangers - There will be entertainer awards for each of the 2 last chance races, and the world cup race itself, plus the open scottish race on the Sunday.

For the ProStocks - The winner of the world cup, and the winner of the HRP Gold Cup.

Each of the winners in the above criteria will have £15 of credits added to there account on that can be used to order photos or enter any of the competitions running on the website.

If you don't have an account, sign up today!
Entertainer awards will be chosen by a vote on the Scottish Stock Cars Photos and Forum page for each race - keep an eye on the facebook page and website during the meeting for updates.

More Scottish Titles - 23rd of July 2017

Gordon Alexander has finished 1st in the 2017 2 litre hot rod world championship meaning he is the first ever scottish 2 litre hot rod world champion.

Well done to the GA Autos team, congratulations from

Result subject to post race checks.

Wet n Wild - 28th of February 2017

The HRP #TeamPurdie meeting was held on Sunday 26th February, and to say the least, it was a wet and wild meeting!

The rain lashed down from the outset, and didn't let off at all during the afternoon, and was accompanied by low temperatures and gusty winds - certainly not the ideal conditions for a race meeting.

However, credit where its due to those involved, from spectators, drivers to those stuck on the infield marshalling events, the afternoon was turned around quickly, with few stoppages and flowing racing.

The National Micro Bangers were the highlight of the day, with just shy of 50 cars in attendance, they were always going to put on a show. Chris Burgoyne, Stuart Shevill and Graeme Shevill were all out in the banger formula doing there best to mix it up with the banger regulars. Chris managed to take the opening race win before opting to go crashing in the latter races, whilst the Shevill brothers were in amongst the action all day.

Ben Newman took a heat win, and possibly another - Need to check the results... - with the 2nd seeing him cross the line on his roof after being tagged and flipped over. Dayle Ashall was another driver who was getting stuck in, and ended up on his side amongst another couple of cars.

The most spectacular crash of the day though went to Ross Stewart in the 182 car in the final/dd. After hitting the sticken Burgoyne car, Stewarts car somersaulted through the area, rolling over in spectacular fashion to end up back on its wheels... and driving off into a head on! Great stuff from the 182 pilot!

The Hot Rods put on a show as well, with Robert McDonald in the National spec car taking the honours in each of the three races, Gordon Alexander faired best in the 2.0 cars, whilst the Classic's had people dripping at the mouth with some jaw dropping equipment on show, none more so than the new car of Kenny Purdie, driven by the legendary Kenny Ireland on the day.

The Ministox seen Danny Whyte in spectacular form, taking all three wins across the day. Spud Adams was also in good form, taking a couple of 2nd places, whilst the star graded drivers behind them had some good battles as they fought there way through the grid. Teri Linden and Bryan Lindsay were the top drivers from the higher grades, getting a couple of podium places between them.

The official season opener takes place on Saturday 4th March - Ensure you are there for all the action, and wrap up warm!

Site Features Update - 17th of July 2016

A few changes to the site in recent weeks.

We have introduced discount codes that can be used when placing orders for photos. These will vary and will be posted on social media and our forum for you to use.

We have also introduced a like button within the galleries, this is the beginning of something new that is currently in progress to improving the dynamism of the web site.

We will update you in due course to how further developments are ongoing, in the mean time, thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to bringing more to your browsers soon!

Its Back! - 24th of February 2016

ITS BACK!! The stock car season is back with us this coming Saturday (27th March) at Lochgelly Raceway as the new season gets underway!

The 1300 Stock Cars and Superstox line up with the Stock Rods and CC Rods, with all formula looking set to have some new drivers in attendance.

The 1300s will be looking to kick off from where they left of at the end of last season, full of action and plenty of cars! Lee Buchan has a stunning looking new car which I can't wait to see in the flesh. Zak Gilmour, Paul Beaton, Craig Haxton and Jason Secker are just a few of the drivers that will be looking to hit the ground running.

The CC Rods are expected to see a few new drivers out in them as well, some returning, and some all round new to oval racing, which is what the formula is all about. The likes of Johnny Bell, Ian Christie and Ian Donaldson will be deemed as the early season favourites for success, but with new blood in the field, who knows what to expect.

The Stock Rods have a few drivers joining in on the action - The likes of Alan Cuthbert making a return to the formula, whilst a few others are making the return to Lochgelly as there chosen venue.

The Superstox will continue to go from strength to strenght, with a few more drivers expected to be out early in the season - Former F2 driver Will Lindsay was out in one at practice, whilst former National Saloon driver Adam Low was also out in one at practice. National Points Champion Barry Stephen should have his new car with him, whilst Stuart GIlchrist, Bryan Forrest, Gary Nicholls and Kenny McKenzie will all be looking to challenge for the glory in 2016.

The Superstox will have a little extra to race for in 2016, with the introduction of the KM Photography & Web Design series;

A multiplier system has been derived to give all drivers an opportunity to be successful. There will be 5 events throughout the season with the top three drivers in the series gaining the prizes. The dates of the rounds are as follows; April 2nd, June 4th, July 16th, September 10th, and October 8th. The points will be calculated as follows; Whites - points x 4, Yellows - points x 3, Blues - points x 2, Reds/Superstars - points x 1 for each meeting with the points added throughout the season to give the end result. Visit the website at or get in touch through Facebook.

All the action kicks off at 6pm this coming Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway.

#TeamPurdie Event - 31st of January 2016

This coming Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway will see the #TeamPurdie event taking place, featuring Hot Rods (Nationals, 2.0 and Classic), Ministox, 1300 Stock Cars, Ninja Karts and Micro Bangers.

With a host of visiting drivers expected to attend across all formula, it is anticipated to be a great event, and will raise a lot of money for the Joan Purdie Fund.

With the likes of Gordon Moodie, Chris Burgoyne, Jack Aldridge, Gary Nicholls, Ian Thompson Jnr, Graeme and Stuart Shevill competing in the Micro Bangers alongside the regular banger drivers, Norrie Moore, Jim Dillon, etc, its sure to be an interesting event!

The meeting preview and booking lists can be found below, taken from the HRP Web site on 31-01-2016.

PLEASE NOTE that this event is an afternoon meeting with a 1pm start time.

Event Details
Venue - HRP Lochgelly Raceway (KY5 9HG)
Start time - 1pm Saturday February 6th

Admission Details
Adults (16+) £10
Young Adults (12-15) & OAPs £5
Under 12s FREE

Trackside Parking £5/vehicle (plus admission charges)

Provisional Running Order:
Pre-Meeting Ninja Kart Whites & Yellows
Pre-Meeting Ninja Karts Heat One
Race 1 Hot Rods Heat One
Race 2 Micro Bangers Heat One
Race 3 Micro Bangers Heat Two
Race 4 Ministox Heat One
Race 5 Ninja Karts Heat Two
Race 6 1300 Stock Cars Heat One
Race 7 Hot Rods Heat Two
Race 8 Micro Bangers All Comers
Race 9 Ministox Heat Two
Race 10 Ninja Karts Heat Three
Race 11 1300 Stock Cars Heat Two
Race 12 Ministox Final
Race 13 Hot Rods Final
Race 14 1300 Stock Cars Final
Race 15 Micro Bangers All Comers 2
Race 16 Micro Bangers DD

Booking List:

National Micro Bangers
5 Cambo Whitley
7 Gordon Moodie
10 John McArthur
13 Dean Sievwright
14 Brandon Millar
14 James Paton
15 Harry Sievwright
16 Billy Sievwright
17 Richard Kelly
17 Kenny Purdie
21 Ben Newman
26 Lorraine McKenzie
26 Jock Campbell
27 Ash Jeffrey
42 Billy Wilson
47 Chris Burgoyne
52 Scott Dubickas
53 Dennis Dubickas
60 John Whyte
61 Rab Moore
63 Lee Moore
64 Norrie Moore
69 Ryan Murray
69 Jack Moore
70 Scott Ramsay
72 Marcus McLean
75 Josh Tracey
76 Westley McLean
78 Mike Kennedy
81 Paul McNulty Jr
83 Scott Lindsell
88 William Stawiarski
91 Ryan Harrow
96 William Mitchell
99 Lee Clarke
102 Wullie Draeger
111 Thomas Torrance
134 Josh Heeps
152 James Dillon
156 Ian Sutherland
157 Tommy Gordon
161 Stephen Van Putten
161 Billy Smith
175 Steven Thompson
176 Gary Nicholls
180 Sean McConnachie
181 Mick McManus
193 Graham Black
196 Allan Gibson
200 William Bruce
206 Greg Simpson
209 Mark Morrison
215 Douglas Ashall
217 Paul Stewart
222 John Berry
226 Brian Youngson
228 Kieran Burnett
230 Scott Paterson
231 Grant Barker
237 Scott Black
240 Brian Low
241 Zander Brown
246 Dylan Ward
247 Don Lineham
248 Alan Lineham
249 Stephen Ward
257 Gavin Simpson
272 Neil Sutherland
273 Andrew Webster
274 Jon Taylor
275 Nicol Morrison
276 Craig Lindsay
282 Finlay Davidson
283 Paul Murray
296 Michael Burton
302 Scott Greig
318 Les Waller
322 Marc Hughes
397 Daz Linton
397 Kieran McKay
410 Kev Easton
440 Pete McVay
448 Scott Dunlop
478 Craig Royal
493 Ryan Daly
600 David Ross
601 Mark Ross
618 Stuart Shevill Jr
647 David Anderson
661 Graeme Shevill
741 Scott Turner
757 Ian Cameron
780 Sean McAra
808 Paul Cuthbert
822 Paul Winfield
883 Chris Tamson
901 Ian Thomson
921 Jack Aldridge

1300 Stock Cars
9 Dale Robertson
42 Billy Wilson
49 Derek Slater
61 Rab Moore
64 Norrie Moore
68 Brian Allan
71 Gordon Alexander
124 Andrew Mathieson
125 Euan Mathieson
161 Billy Smith
228 Ian Goodall
537 Jeff Cosans
618 Stuart Shevill Jr
622 Scott Gilmour
649 Mark Slater
661 Graeme Shevill

Hot Rods
17 Derek Conner
26 John Campbell
54 Adam Hylands
71 Gordon Alexander
172 Trevor Harris
209 Kym Weaver
247 Graham McCabe
344 Paul Yule
386 Mark Turricki
662 Keith Chesher
911 Harry Steward

033 Ross McWilliam
041 Charlie Boast
100 Sean Naismith
102 Chris Cartmel Jr
122 Gary Paterson
126 Danny Whyte
128 Ciaran Adams
142 James Mooney
180 Dylan Sim (P)
304 Tony Elbourn
344 Danny Elbourn
501 Josh Rayner
592 Charlie Morphey
629 Euan Millar
674 Steven Burgyone

Ninja Karts
7 Charlie Hardie
14 Demi Ritchie
21 Ethan Doull
28 Mirran Adams
32 Kaydan Day
49 Connie Anderson (P)
50 Leona Anderson
60 Bailey Millar
71 Josh Bruce
84 Robbie Armit
88 Callum Brown
116 Jay Paterson
127 Lennon Grant
136 Harry Bruce
145 Rachel Kidd
178 Scott Allardyce
186 Kasey Jones
600 Lucy Millar
607 Delcan Honeyman
982 Curtis McConkey
991 Daniel Stewart

Season Finale - 1st of November 2015

This coming Saturday night at Lochgelly Raceway see's the 2015 season come down in style.

An all action, lots to play for event is in store for everyone.

The 1300 Stock Cars will see a ladies race kick off at 5pm in aid of the FORDS charity - Please ensure you give generously in aid of this great cause. There is approximately 30 ladies due out on track for this event, something that has been organised by Lindsay Barrack. Great work Lindsay! Can you set another record??

The previous showings of the ladies race's have been eventful, and have been worth the entry fee alone! Ensure you are at the stadium early not to miss it!

Onto the meeting itself, the 1300 Stock Cars will be racing (if there cars survive the ladies race!) for £250 - Sponsored by outgoing videographer and Scottish stock car legend, Eddie Paterson. Something I'm sure every driver would like to win.

The National Hot Rods will compete for the last time in 2015 in Scotland in the latest WQR series as they head for Ipswich in July 2016 - If my memory serves me correctly, I'm sure Billy Bonnar ban is up before this meeting and may be back out racing, as he tries to make up lost ground in the points battle.

The CC Rods are in action and will be racing for the Bill & Ciaran Hawkes Memorial Trophy. Johnny Bell will start as favourite, however, Ian Walle, Ian Donaldson and Paul Muir will be looking to take the silverware.

There will be banger action as well - with the under 3 litre front wheel drive cars taking to the track - Hopefully there will be a decent turn out, and the action will be destructive on track!

The Ministox are the final formula in action, and will no doubt entertain to their usual standards. Euan Millar has wrapped up the points charts at all Scottish tracks and has had an unbelievable season. Steven Burgoyne has had a season that would normally have won most awards had it not been for the brilliance throughout from Euan!

Don't forget, there will be a Firework display on the night as well, which will take place before the feature finals.

If you get a chance, remember and pop down to see Eddie Paterson, thank him for his many years work in Scottish stock cars, and grab a bargain whilst your there! Pop into the track shop too, there will be some end of season deals in there too!

Bring your kids, bring the family, it sure is to be an exceptional meeting!

Superbowl Weekend! - 18th of October 2015

The annual Superbowl event is almost here - This coming Saturday and Sunday at Cowdenbeath Racewall, the Saloon Stock Cars will do battle for the Superbowl. A title that has become one to be wanted over the years and has been greatly challenged with many great names taking the title. Stuart Shevill is the defending champion and will no doubt be out to retain the title. Could his lack of track time in 2015 play hinderence to that though? A driver of Stuarts quality will no doubt be able to turn up on the day and put the quickest of lap times in and be up there come the title race, battling for the win.

David Aldous is a previous winner as well, and will probably be up with us this weekend as he looks to regain the title once more.

A host of visitors are expected to descend upon the Racewall as the bumpers look set to fly - Can anyone stop the Zetec powered cars around the Racewall? The Zetec cars of Colliver, Mayes, Grief have been setting fastest laps all year, and with the Shevills now running them, can we expect a Zetec dominance?

The Formula 2s are racing on the Saturday night and will be racing for the Champion of Champions title - A race open to anyone that has won a race at GMP tracks in 2015. Gordon Moodie and Chris Burgoyne will start as favourites, but with Liam Rennie returning to some form, can he get his Zetec powered F2 in a position to challenge the sports top drivers?? Craig Wallace has had his best season to date - Can he top it off with another title?

Some visiting F2s, and Micro F2s are expected to be with us too which will bolster the numbers and enhance the racing experience somewhat.

The Micro F2s are expected to have double figures - Possibly the biggest turn out for the formula to date.

The Ministox are racing for the Ministox Disco trophy. Euan Millar and Steven Burgoyne will start as favourites, but with the likes of Taylor Borthwick gaining in confidence, could there be an upset on the cards?

Sunday will see the F2's and Ministox being replaced by the Stock Rods, 1300 Stock Cars and Prostocks.

Don't forget that HRP at Lochgelly Raceway are running on Friday night this week for those of you that are in Fife on Friday and looking for some extra racing and making it a three day weekend!

Additionally, remember there are road works on the A90 northbount on the Forth Road Bridge will be closed from 8pm on Saturday night until 12 on Sunday.

BriSCA F1 Return - 23rd of September 2015

On behalf of Incarace Motorsports, Startrax Promotions and Hardie Race Promotions (In Association with Spedeworth Motorsports); HRP are delighted to announce that 2016 will see the thunder return north of the border and history made as the mighty BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars return to Scotland for the first time in two years!!!

Saturday June 25th will see the Formula Ones racing at Cowdenbeath Racewall in a Startrax event jointly run with Incarace and HRP while Sunday June 26th will see the roadshow move to Scotland’s most-modern short oval motorsports facility as the BriSCA F1s make their second appearance at HRP Lochgelly Raceway in an Incarace event jointly run with Startrax and HRP!!!

Each day will see world championship qualifying points on the line; the 2014 event was well-supported by the drivers and teams and 2016 looks like following in that event’s footsteps as the likes of new World Champion Rob Speak and World Cup Champion Frankie Wainman Jnr will be joined by a plethora of oval racing superstars in their 700bhp monsters as they battle it out for supremacy.

It promises to be another great weekend of racing and we can’t wait to see you all on June 25th and 26th as the mighty BriSCA F1 Stock Cars thunder into Scotland once more!!!

More details will be announced in due course.

HRP Speedweekend 4 - 22nd of September 2015

The final speed weekend of the HRP season is just around the corner - October 3 and October 4th.

The ProStocks will do battle for the European Championship only a few weeks after the World Cup was held at Racewall. It is anticipated that a strong field of cars will be in attendance with several visitors from across the Irish Sea.

The Saturday night will also see the National Micro Banger World Cup being held in the now traditional October Weekender! There are currently over 150 cars booked in to race, however, it is anticipated that there will be a few no shows. Regardless, there should be more than 100 cars racing for the title!

The Sunday will see both the ProStocks and Micro Bangers racing for the Open Scottish Championships ensuring two days of great racing, and lots of crashing!

HRP have held the gate price to the same as regular domestic meetings! Ensure you head along for lots of thrills, spills, and lots of entertainment.

Predicament - 14th of August 2015

Well we are in a bit of a situation this weekend - In Fife this weekend we have two tracks 3 miles apart running two 'want to attend' events.

Cowdenbeath Racewall are hosting 'Legends Day 2' following on from the success of the event a few years ago at Lochgelly; on the 50th anniversary since the first event at Racewall!

Events will start at 2pm where 200 Legends are expected to arrive featuring drivers and officials who have played a part in our sport over the last 50 years (and before that when racing took place at the likes of Meadowbank or Coatbridge).

Following on from that the racing commences at 1730 with the F2, Saloons and Ministox in action - with a few Legend displays throughout the evening.

Meanwhile along at Lochgelly, the 2ltr Hot Rod World Final takes place from 6pm, along with the Oval Track Legends European Championship, plus 1300 Stock Cars and Ninja Karts with over 115 cars expected to be in attendance across the four formula.

The Hot Rods are arguably one of the best formula to watch in Scotland with some super close and fiercly competitive racing to be had; whilst the Oval Track Legends had some great racing last year and will no doubt entertain again this year. Throw in 30+ 1300s and 30+ Ninja Karts and it's sure to be an excellent night of racing.

So, the decision is, where do you go to watch?

A lot of people I've spoken to intend of attending Racewall in the afternoon to meet the Legends, and head along to Lochgelly in the evening for the racing.

What are your plans? We'd love to know on the forum!

Melrose Takes Scottish - 19th of July 2015

Tam Melrose took the 2015 ProStock Scottish Championship at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday 18th July in what proved to be a far better race than many anticipated.

From the outset, the bumpers flew in and cars went everywhere. Rollover king Billy Wilson justified his name in the early stages, colliding with the #38 Wallace machine, Wilson rolled over on the home straight and landed on his wheels and drove off - although retired shortly afterwards due to the damage.

Brian Keir was in a collision on the back straight, being pushed along the straight with his nose against the armco.

Early leader Ricky White had his race blown as a car hit the armco and came across track infront of him, with White nowhere to go but into the side of him.

Melrose quickly took the helm and never looked back - Jordan Cassie and Andre Adams brought in the top three in one of the best prostock races for quite some time.

2015-16 NATIONAL HOT RODS - 15th of July 2015

Copied from the forum from Les Waller.

On behalf of Crimond Raceway, GMP Scotland and Hardie Race Promotions Ltd (In Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) I am delighted to announce the following with regards to the World Championship Qualifying process for Scottish Rounds within the NHRPA.
Effective from Round One on Saturday July 18th:
The Scottish NHRPA members will NOT be introducing the following rule:

8.2.1 Heats and Final: (** new for 2015/2016 **) • With effect from the first World Qualifier of the 2015/16 season cars in the heats will be lined up using the current average system. • The grid for the final will then be based on drivers’ aggregate score from each heat (using the Carole Longhurst points calculator) with highest points scorers at the front of the grid. • If after the heats there are two drivers with the same number of points, then the driver who had the best position in the first heat will be in front on the grid for the final.

It is felt that, with the current number of cars racing in the Scottish NHRPA Series, this rule change would adversely affect the quality of the product and therefore all heats and finals for Scottish World Championship Qualifying Rounds for 2015/16 will continue to be lined up in average order as in previous years.

It is no secret that the number of cars competing in the Scottish Series has not increased in the manner that all stakeholders (drivers, fans and promoters) would have wished to see. To that end, discussions have taken place among the three Scottish promoters and the NHRPA and we are delighted to announce that “OUTLAW” Hot Rod drivers will be permitted to race in all twelve round of the Scottish NHRPA 2015/16 Series.

Any “OUTLAW” driver in possession of an ORCi licence will be able to take to the track with the full NHRPA-spec cars and race on the three Scottish tracks. These drivers will not be eligible for NHRPA points, prize money etc and will be required to race on NHRPA Hoosier tyres and to use a raceceiver. We have already secured a number of used tyres from some Scottish drivers who wish to support this change and to see the number of cars on the track improve.

Any drivers interested in finding out more about these changes is invited to contact Les Waller on 07944033645 for more information.

On behalf of the Scottish promoters, we would like to thank everyone for their input into these changes and thank you for your support of National Hot Rod racing in Scotland in the past and what we hope will be a brighter future for a formula on the move!!! We hope that all drivers will support these changes as we attempt to encourage greater participation in YOUR formula.

Les Waller (Hardie Race Promotions in Association with Spedeworth Motorsports)

Website Relaunch - 10th of July 2015

After several years of contemplating change and backing off at the sheer thought and scale of the time involved, I decided to go for it about 2 months ago.

The site has been being developed since mid April sort of time and hours has been spent adjusting the layouts for each and every page in the site.

A few new features have been added, some items have been improved upon and some features have gone from the site completely.

What I would appreciate though, is if there is anything missing that you think should still be on site, is to get in touch with me and let me know.

Likewise, if there are any error messages that you come across that I haven't found / rectified.

Finally, the site has been optimised for use on mobile devices - and that was primarily the driving factor behind the change of design. Hopefully, everything works fine and there are no major issues.

I am currently working on a design for tablets - bear with me on that one.

If you can use the forum and let me know your overall thoughts, that would be great!

Secondly, I've had a change of camera lately after my old (not really that old) one packed in. I've been messing around with settings on it and I hope you enjoy some of the photos that I've uploaded since.

A bit more 'speed' effect and better colours should be visible on some of them.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the changes.

Caravan Bangers - 24th of June 2015

HRP are asking all drivers to book in as soon as possible for this unique event.

Bookings can be made by calling or texting us on 07944033645, emailing

This event should be great fun for all involved and such events never fail to entertain.

Hopefully there will be a good turnout and we'll get a list of names as soon as possible.

The caravan race will be run to Rookie Banger spec. There will be a full meeting for rookie bangers too

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