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Website Updates
19th of March 2018

The website has been updated with the following information -

Results from Lochgelly 17th March - All formula
Unofficial Points Charts after Lochgelly 17th March
Photo Galleries for each formula as requested by members

Additionally, the Stock Rod, CC Rod, Superstox fantasy league charts have been updated after the Lochgelly results were announced from the 17th March meeting -

GrahamA leads the Stock Rod chart, 13obo leads the Superstox chart, and CRM408 leads the CC Rod chart.

The results from Racewall 17th March will be added in due course, with the points and fantasy league charts being updated as well.

Visit the results page to view the results from each meeting.

March Vote Open
7th of March 2018

The Scottish Stock March vote is now open!

Have your say on what formula you are looking forward to seeing the most in 2018.

Well done to Jamie Bell, who was voted the winner of the February vote with just under 50% of the votes for the most improved CC Rod driver of 2017.

There is only 1 week left (15th March deadline) to submit your fantasy stock car teams for the 2018 season. A reminder that you can submit teams for F2, Saloons, CC Rods, Superstox, Stock Rods and 1300 Stock Cars for 2018.

1st of March 2018

HRP have announced that there meeting due to be held on Saturday 3rd March has been cancelled.

GMP have also announced that the practice session due to be held this Sunday has been cancelled.

Further afield, Kings Lynn, Birmingham, and Ipswich have also cancelled there meetings which was due to take place on Saturday 3rd March.

Skegness have also cancelled there meeting on Sunday 4th March.

Fantasy Stock Car Leagues 2018
10th of February 2018

Fantasy stock car leagues are back for 2018 after a couple of years absence.

For 2018 we have leagues for Formula 2, National Saloons, 1300 Stock Cars, Stock Rods, Superstox and CC Rods!

To compete, you have two options - A paid entry at £3 per team, and you will be eligible to win the prize pot if your team is at the top come the end of the season, or a free entry, where you simply just play for fun.

The results will be updated weekly, and the leaderboards for the leagues will be updated after each meeting once results have been confirmed.

You have up until 15th March 2018 to submit your teams for 2018.

Submit your teams
1. Log In
2. Visit The Members Area
3. Click The Relevant Links
4. Choose Your Drivers
5. Submit Your Team

Website 2018 Details
4th of February 2018

The new season is just around the corner!

Take a look at our promotions currently available on site and see what you can make use of today, there are deals currently available on photo purchases AND account deposits -

You can purchase gift cards for your friends, for your family, for your sponsors, to give away as prizes or even to use yourself if you wanted! These are available at various amounts, but can only be bought and used by website members.

Use the site often? Why not upgrade your account and become a gold member / site supporter - you would be entitled to claim your own @ email address if you so wished to do so.

We have a number of fantasy leagues available to play within the site, again, only open to members. These are to be updated weekly with results being added, and drivers scoring points based on there grade. This can either be free and just for fun, or you can pay £3 per team you enter and be in with winning the prize fund at the end of the season.

Not interested in any of that? Get involved with out forum and discuss various topics, or simply browse our thousands of photos!

We have a stock market available to use where members can post things for sale, and can be contacted by other members via message, or they can leave there personal contact numbers etc. Got something to sell, give it a try, it was recenlty refurbished so to speak!

We are planning on continuing to do our monthly polls where we will give £5 away each month to the winning driver.

We are open to sponsorship coming on board in the website, business, events, etc, get in touch for more details if you'd like to advertise with us.

Again, thanks for using the site, and for all your support over the years - here is to 2018, where we hope to continue to give a little back to the sport! We have already given out over £200 in sponsorship and prizes in 2018, and the season hasn't even started yet!

Saloon Stock Cars - Silver Battle
9th of January 2018

The National Saloon Stock Car Association have recently announced that the race for the silver roof in 2018 will take a new form, similar to that deployed by Brisca F1 and F2.

The shootout will be open to 10 drivers who can commit to the 6 rounds (4 tarmac, 2 shale) with the finale being held at Ipswich in a double points shootout meeting.

There is a whopping £7000 prize fund for this.

The first round will be held on the 22nd September at Kings Lynn, with Ipswich holding the final round on Saturday 3rd November.

If it's anything as good as the F2 equivelant, it will be entertaining!!

2018 Pricing and Offers
5th of January 2018

For the 2018 season we have made a few alterations to the products that we offer.

We have added a few new products that are available to order directly through the website.

Some of these are detailed below:
- Aluminium Acyrlic print which is printed on an aluminium panel with the High-gloss Acrylic Glass
- Forex Prints which is a gloss print mounted on a foam backing
- New sizes of canvas prints
- and more..

We have also reviewed our pricing of products and are pleased to be able to offer a decrease in some of our pricing through online orders.

- Photo calendars (13 pages) are down from £22.50 to £15.50
- Enlarged prints are down to just £1 each.
- Canvas prints reduced accordingly depending on size.

There are now a large number of products available for whatever your needs. If we don't list it, get in touch, as we may still be able to help you out.

To enable you to manage your orders throughout the season, anyone that deposits £100 or more will have an additional £25 added to there account automatically.

The depositing system allows you to add funds to your account which you can use on photo orders, raffles, fantasy leagues, games etc throughout the year as you please.

Discount Codes
Members of the site will continue to get a 5% discount on all orders. There will also be discount codes made available throughout the year which are limited to a specific time period.

We also have a number of sponsor packages available where credits can be added to a registered account of choice, or unique discount codes be made available. If you would be interested in this, please contact us.

Pricing and offers detailed above are specific to online orders via only.

HRP Announce Speedweekends 2018
20th of December 2017

Hardie Race Promotions have today announced some details relating to three other Speed Weekends in 2018, in addition to the already announced April weekend to be held at Lochge,lly Raceway.

Following the April weekend, June will host a weekend of racing across the 9th and 10th of June. Five formula will take to the track across the weekend, with the Stock Rods and 1300 Stock Cars headlining the weekend as they race for their European Championship and British Championship respectively. The Rebel Racers who debuted at Lochgelly Raceway in 2016 are back for the third year in succession, and will be competing for the Scottish Championship. The final 2 formula in action across the weekend are the Classic Hot Rods (Saturday) and the Ministox (Sunday).

Next up is the 2.0 Hot Rod World Championship, Superstox European Championship and Oval Track Legends European Championship's to be held across the weekend of 11th and 12th of August 2018, in what is another five formula weekend. In addition to the Hot Rods, Superstox and Legends, the on track action will be backed up by the CC Rods (Saturday) and Ninja Karts (Sunday).

The fourth and final speed weekend of 2018 at HRP Lochgelly Raceway will be held across the 13th and 14th October 2018. This will feature the National Micro Banger World Cup and ProStock European Championship. For the first time under the HRP banner, the Junior Bangers will be part of the weekend. The Ministox (Saturday) and 1300 Stock Cars (Sunday) complete the weekend line up.

For all the latest information, be sure to check out or check out our Forum, where HRP post regular updates on there events.

Zak Gilmour
17th of December 2017

Zak Gilmour took his Superstox to Mildenhall on Sunday 17th December in what is a rare meeting for Superstox on shale.

Having only been in the formula for less than a year, it was Zaks first experience on shale in a Superstox.

Zak was the only Scottish driver to make the trip south on a cold December day!

Results were probably better than he would have expected, bringing the car home in 2nd in the opening heat, and getting a 5th place in the 2nd heat, and another 5th in the meeting final.

Well done Zak!

Site Development
15th of December 2017


As you can see, we are currently re-working the layout of the website at the moment.

This is a notice that there may be some intermittent down time whilst we carry our the maintenance works on the website.

We hope that you will enjoy the new scheme, and find it simpler to use.

In the mean time, there are a couple of new features added - Feel free to use them as they should all be functioning correctly.

As a small bonus, for anyone that deposit's £20 or more of funds to there account before Christmas day, will get an additional £5 added to there account to use as they wish throughout the website.

As always, we welcome any feedback.

Kind Regards, Kevin

NHR Euro Weekend 2018
13th of December 2017

Following the announcement of the date for the 2018 National Hot Rod European Championship; HRP are delighted to announce the other formulas that will be in action during the weekend!!!

The Classic Hot Rods return for their third annual Scottish Open Championship Weekend and will conjure up images to fans of a certain age of how hot rod racing used to be.

The Superstox will enjoy two days of domestic action ahead of one of their major championships being held here at HRP Lochgelly Raceway later in the year. This will offer visiting drivers and ideal opportunity for some track time.

And finally; Hardie Race Promotions (In Association with Spedeworth Motorsports) are delighted to announce that the Ninja Karts will get their chance to shine on a big weekend as the British Championship is hosted at HRP Lochgelly Raceway for the first time in its history!!!

National Hot Rod European Championship
Ninja Karts British Championship
Classic Hot Rods Scottish Open Championship

Four great formulas.
Two days of racing.
One great weekend.

Join us on April 21st and 22nd at HRP Lochgelly Raceway, where champions are born and legends are made!!!

ORCi Stock Rod World
13th of December 2017

Our friends at Autospeed (leading promoters in the South West of England) are proud to announce they will be promoting the 2018 Stock Rod World Championship, sponsored by Gilmore Engineering, at the Racewall, Cowdenbeath on Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 September 2018.

Following the remarkable success of Autospeed staging the 2017 Saloon Stock Car World Championship in Scotland last August, another high quality weekend of racing has been assembled. In addition to the World Championship for the Stock Rods, there will also be the ORC Championship for Saloon Stock Cars and the F2 Nationals for the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars.

Keep an eye out on and for more news of this great weekends racing.

We can also now exclusively reveal that further to the Nationals Championship for Saloon Stock Cars over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of June we will also host the ORCi Championship for the Stock Rods AND Ministox over both days plus the Scottish Championship for the BriSCA F2s (Saturday) and their World Qualifying Round on the Sunday - an action packed weekend not to be missed at the Racewall.

Website Credits - About
12th of December 2017

Over the last few months we have been working hard to improve the experience for those wishing to purchase photos and other products via the website.

As a result of this, we have developed a credits system.

You can deposit funds to your account at any time and use the as required on whatever you would like within the website.

Below, is a current list of what you can use credits on.

- Photo Products
- Gift Vouchers
- Fantasy Stock Car Leagues
- Online Sweepstakes
- Raffles
- Grade Matcher Game
- Racing Slots Game

We are always looking to expand this list, and are open to suggestions and feedback as to what you would like to see implemented within the website.

How do photo orders work with credits?
If you have funds on your account and you attempt to place an order through the website, once you reach the checkout stage, the credits will be taken off your transaction total, after any other discounts have been removed and your order completed.

You will see the amount of credits being used within your transaction at the bottom of the checkout.

From time to time we will offer extra free on deposits, such as 50% additional funds onto your account.

Gordon Moodie
12th of November 2017

Gordon Moodie has tonight won the Brisca F2 shoot out series taking the silver roof for the 2018 season.

Well done Gordon and the team for there incredible effort throughout the season.

Christmas Package
20th of October 2017

We have a special Christmas package available

1x 40x30cm canvas print
1x framed a4 print
1x fridge magnet
1x key ring
1x calendar

Choose a photo from the web site and we’ll take care of the rest. If you want different photos for each item drop us a message.

Calendar will have different photos from throughout the season.

£99 all delivered to your door